Direct Mail

Take your marketing campaigns to new heights with professional direct mail services.

Direct mail is a reliable and effective marketing tool that enables businesses to send promotional materials directly to customers’ doors. It’s ideal for mass mailings of flyers, greeting cards, postcards, and other promotional materials. Direct mail is also an efficient way of sending administrative documents such as account statements and charitable tax receipts.

There are two main types of direct mail:

Personalized Mail

Each piece of mail is addressed and delivered to the recipients specified in a customer-supplied spreadsheet.

Note: The customer must provide a spreadsheet with the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Province, Postal Code, Country.

Neighbourhood Mail

Unaddressed mail is delivered to all addresses in postal code area(s) selected by the customer.

Note: Canada Post offers a Precision Targeting tool to help customers select the postal code areas they wish to target.

Our Direct Mail Service includes:


We print all the parts of the mailer with custom addresses and artwork as required.


We assemble the mailer, taking care of all the stuffing, sealing, and labelling.


We confirm the paperwork and deliver the mailers to the post office to be sent to your customers.

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