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Perfect your project with our top-of-the-line bindery and finishing services.

For many projects, printing is just the first part of the equation. The printed pieces truly comes to life through the finishing touches. We offer a wide range of finishing and bindery services to cover every imaginable application.

Coil bound booklets are a great option for those looking for a durable and cost-effective way to showcase their work. The spiral coil binding allows the booklets to lay flat, making them perfect for presentations, manuals, and other reference materials.

Rounded corners add a touch of sophistication to business cards, tickets, booklets and more.

Cut out custom shapes to create boxes, packaging, and specialty stickers. Digital die-cutting has no minimum quantity, making it an ideal option for short runs and specialty projects.

Apply a protective plastic coating to your printed business cards, menus, posters and more. We offer lamination in a gloss or matte finish, as well as a premium “soft-touch” laminate with a velvety, luxurious surface.

Mounting – Mounting graphics to a backing board is an excellent way to display them more prominently. We offer a variety of backing board substrates:

  • Coroplast (corrugated plastic) is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant, making it the perfect choice for outdoor signage.
  • Foam-core is a lightweight and sturdy option for displaying high-quality prints, for example at trade shows, presentations, and other indoor displays.
  • Polymetal, also known as Dibond, consists of two aluminum sheets sandwiched around a solid plastic core, making it weather-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Sintra Board, also known as PVC Board, is a lightweight, durable plastic sheet that is widely used for indoor and outdoor signage, exhibits, and display boards due to its versatility, rigidity, and resistance to moisture and UV rays.
  • Lexan is a polycarbonate sheet similar to plexiglass but more flexible. Clear Lexan is optimal for signage that needs to be partially transparent.

Print unique numbers on materials that need to be individually distinguished, such as invoices, tickets, and receipts.

We use specialized padding adhesive to create notepads, deposit booklets, forms and more.

Perfect bound booklets offer a sleek and professional finish for booklets, manuals, and reports. With a square spine like a paperback book, perfect bound booklets provide a clean and polished look. The pages are attached to the spine with an industrial-grade thermal adhesive, making for a durable, long-lasting booklet.

Create a tear-able strip on your tickets, forms, and flyers with our perforation services.

Saddle stitched booklets are a great option for short manuals, pamphlets, or brochures. The binding method uses two or more staples in the center fold, creating a professional-looking finish while keeping the cost low.

Rather than folding by hand, get your brochures, newsletters, and greeting cards professionally scored and folded for a crisp edge and precise dimensions.

Using a physical die (a wooden block with precisely arranged metal cutting strips), our traditional die-cutter is excellent at reproducing custom shapes in large quantities. This is an excellent option for projects that will be repeated again and again for years to come.

Apply a protective, glossy varnish on your business cards and other materials to give them a touch of elegance and shine.

Looking for something that’s not listed here? Just ask! We have many options.

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